Sunday, February 9, 2014

Affordable Email Archiving with Symantec Enterprise Vault and Grau Data FileLock

Reducing Archiving System Costs with Enterprise Vault

When you archive, it can be really advantageous, if not mandatory in certain industries, to use some form of WORM, "Write Once Read Many", storage technology.  Thus preventing alterations and deletions to the archive.

Symantec Enterprise Vault certified storage solutions that support WORM functionality can be very expensive.  Especially considering the ever increasing amount digital info being archiving, for longer and longer periods of time.

Enterprise Vault officially supports NetApp storage devices with SnapLock. SnapLock is a protocol used to provide WORM functionality on NAS/SAN storage devices.  It is also a FileLock supported protocol.

Grau Data's FileLock software product, transparently transforms almost any NTFS volume on a Microsoft Windows platform to a WORM NTFS volume; i.e., magnetic WORM.  FileLock allows written files to be read, but not to be altered within a user defined period.  Only when this retention period has expired, can the file(s) be altered or deleted.  Unauthorized access and tampering is no longer possible with FileLock.  FileLock is hardware independent.

How can you use FileLock with Symantec Enterprise Vault?

Simply install FileLock on an MS Windows server equipped with sufficient NTFS storage for archiving.  Configure FileLock to protect one or more NTFS volumes using SnapLock.  Next, network share the FileLock protected NTFS volume(s) and configure Enterprise Vault use the NTFS volume(s) for archiving as you would for SnapLock storage devices.

With FileLock, you can use any DAS/NAS/SAN storage hardware/system that is supported by MS Windows to archive via Enterprise Vault.  Normally, this will result in a significant cost savings.

As a bonus, FileLock includes built-in mirroring functionality.  This allows FileLock protected volumes to be mirrored on the same or different MS Windows system.

For additional information on FileLock and how use FileLock with Enterprise Vault, please contact Storage Clarity; phone: +1.403.764.1320, email: sales(at)

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