Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NetApp SnapLock Functionality Missing on New NetApp Filers

SnapLock Functionality Missing on New NetApp Filers

It appears that NetApp's new ONTAP OS does not currently support SnapLock.  This is presenting a significant problem for NetApp owners that use SnapLock and need to replace/upgrade their existing NetApp filers. 

NetApp SnapLock software provides WORM (Write Once Ready Many) functionally on NetApp filers.  SnapLock is primarily used for compliance purposes to ensure the retention of files over a user specified time period.  It's very simple and effective for locking down semi-structured and unstructured file data.  Many commercial archiving software applications support SnapLock protocol.

The obvious question is: How can existing SnapLock users continue to use SnapLock with NetApp filers that do not support SnapLock?

One solution is to use Grau Data's FileLock software.  FileLock supports NetApp's SnapLock protocol.  Thus allowing users in Microsoft Windows environments the ability to have SnapLock functional volumes on NetApp filers that do not support SnapLock.  Users can even migrate the contents of existing SnapLock protected volumes on NetApp filers to new NetApp filers, or non-NetApp storage devices, running SnapLock functionality via FileLock. 

Grau Data's FileLock software product, transparently transforms almost any NTFS volume on a Microsoft Windows platform to a WORM NTFS volume; i.e., magnetic WORM.  FileLock allows written files to be read, but not to be altered within a user defined period.  Only when this retention period has expired, can the file(s) be altered or deleted.  Unauthorized access and tampering is no longer possible with FileLock.  FileLock is hardware independent.

For additional information on FileLock and how use FileLock with NetApp SnapLock, please contact Storage Clarity; phone: +1.403.764.1320, email: sales(at)

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