Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Aer Lingus selects Tegile storage arrays over EMC

A nice win for Tegile Systems.

Chris Mellor @ The Register posted today that Aer Lingus, an Irish Airline, has selected Tegile Systems Zebi storage arrays, displacing EMC;

Tegile Systems, Zebi arrays are hybrid flash storage arrays that offer an impress feature set, plus great performance.   Which has resulted in Tegile winning a number of awards; see below.

Rather than doing a typical brute force approach which focuses on simply having faster storage hardware, i.e., more flash, Tegile Zebi arrays have some rather clever built-in software that significantly boosts performance and scalability.

It's nice to see a small tech company with a great product winning against the traditional big storage companies.

For more info on Tegile and it's Zebi storage arrays, please visit the Tegile web site,, and/or contact Storage Clarity: phone: +1.403.764.1320; email: sales (at)  Storage Clarity is a Tegile partner.

Tegile Systems Awards

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