Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 2010 Newsletter

March 2010 newsletter:

Newsletter highlights include:

1. Storage Clarity Partners with Grau Data.
Storage Clarity is now reselling Grau Data’s FILELOCK audit-compliant archiving software throughout North America. FILELOCK is an easy to use, storage hardware independent, application transparent software product that prevents the alteration or deletion of files stored on standard Microsoft NTFS volumes for a specified retention period.

2. Storage Clarity partners with Avere Systems.
Storage Clarity has just signed on with Avere Systems. Avere has developed the FXT family of auto-tiering NAS appliances. The FXT appliance can significantly accelerate the operation of one or more NAS devices transparently.

3. Scale Computing Achieves VMware Ready Status Scale.
Computing has just announced that VMware has certified their 1, 2 and 4 TB storage nodes.

4. Expect 4 KB Sectored Hard Drives’ this year.
Hard disk drive manufacturers are moving from 512 byte sectored drives to 4 KB sectored drives. By using a larger sector size, manufacturers can increase both drive capacity and drive reliability.

5. InPhase Technologies Closes.
Holographic storage manufacturer InPhase Technologies ceases operations. It appears that InPhase ran out of funding before being able to deliver a commercial Tapestry holographic drive.

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