Friday, January 22, 2010

Storage Clarity Partners with Grau Data to Offer Grau's FILELOCK Solution

Storage Clarity is very pleased to announce that Storage Clarity is now offering Grau Data's FILELOCK archive/compliance solution.

FILELOCK is a flexible, scalable, cost effective and compliant hardware-independent WORM file system for Microsoft Windows based platforms. Simply stated, it turns any NTFS volume into a WORM NTFS volume.

FILELOCK features include:

  • Files are WORM locked after creation to prevent modification or deletion.
  • File retention times can be set from seconds to forever.
  • Applications can transparently utilize WORM capability without modification, using third-party programs, API's or proprietary file systems.
  • File system utilities work unmodified (e.g., replication, mirroring, backup, auditing & virus checking).
  • Audit compliant (e.g., SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act & SEC Rule 240.17a-4)).
  • Completely storage hardware independent. Works with any standard NTFS volume.
  • Works with virtual machines (e.g., VMware) and cluster environments.
  • Even existing NTFS file systems can subsequently be write-protected.
  • SnapLock (NetApp) compatible.

Preserving/archiving unstructured data is extremely easy with FILELOCK.

For additional information on FILELOCK, please visit Storage Clarity's web site:

Press Release:

FILELOCK brochure:

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