Monday, November 11, 2013

Shorter Storage Product Lifetimes are the Norm

Digital storage technologies are constantly evolving and changing.  This in turn is causing manufacturers to develop storage products that are designed to be used for three to five years, and then replaced with the latest generation of product or a new technology.  Given these parameters, devices and/or media with long lifetimes are a niche market.

For digital archiving environments, this means:

  • Plan to replace your storage devices at least once every three to five years;
  • Expect your storage media to outlive compatible read/write devices;
  • Expect the storage media to fail sooner than the advertised lifetime;
  • Plan for data migration, your archived data will most likely outlive several generations of storage devices and media.

For additional information and assistance on selecting archiving storage technologies, products and services, please contact Storage Clarity.

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